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I'm David. I live in Astoria. During the day I work at a startup. Other times I visit bookstores.
This blog is my curio collection, sort of. I'll have a place of my own for essays... someday.

"But what does the Green Goblin want from Archie’s?"

Two very different Kickstarter rewards.





Writing this was hard. I was very lucky to be edited by Chad Harbach, who spent many months (6? I forget. Possibly more) working on it with me. My writing group — Bennett, Anya and Lukas — also read several drafts and helped a lot. I would like to dedicate its appearance on the internet to the memory of Raffles, who cost me a lot of money but was worth every penny. I still miss you, buddy. 

Essential reading

Such a good and wonderfully honest essay.


At the Papers We Love meetup!

The world we live in.

"I realised that I was the one who was angry and the others were more like the Slightly Cross Brigade."

(via Island of Terror: Don’t Get Mad, Get Murderous)

Cannot wait.

Stumptown was coined in a period of phenomenal growth in Portland after 1847. The city was growing so rapidly that the stumps of trees cut down to make way for roads were left behind until manpower could be spared to remove them. In some areas the stumps remained for so long that locals whitewashed them to make them more visible. They also used them to cross the street without sinking into the mud.