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I'm David. I live in Astoria. During the day I work at a startup. Other times I visit bookstores.
This blog is my curio collection, sort of. I'll have a place of my own for essays... someday.

The PDSA Dickin Medal was instituted in 1943 in the United Kingdom by Maria Dickin to honour the work of animals in war. It is a bronze medallion, bearing the words “For Gallantry” and “We Also Serve” within a laurel wreath, carried on a ribbon of striped green, dark brown and pale blue. It is awarded to animals that have displayed “conspicuous gallantry or devotion to duty while serving or associated with any branch of the Armed Forces or Civil Defence Units”. The award is commonly referred to as “the animals’ Victoria Cross”. (via Dickin Medal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)



"When I was young there were beatniks. Hippies. Punks. Gangsters. Now you’re a hacktivist. Which I would probably be if I was 20. Shuttin’ down MasterCard. But there’s no look to that lifestyle! Besides just wearing a bad outfit with bad posture. Has WikiLeaks caused a look? No! I’m mad about that. If your kid comes out of the bedroom and says he just shut down the government, it seems to me he should at least have an outfit for that."

- John Waters on the sorry style of today’s rebels  (emphasis mine)

I was just thinking about Edward Snowden’s dorky glasses today.  Important!

The extreme-sports world long ago shed the distinction between produced and authentic images. To care about such things makes a person seem uptight and antagonistic.

; PHP 4.2 and less have an undocumented feature/bug that allows you to to initialize a session variable in the global scope, even when register_globals is disabled. PHP 4.3 and later will warn you, if this feature is used. You can disable the feature and the warning separately. At this time, the warning is only displayed, if bug_compat_42 is enabled. This feature introduces some serious security problems if not handled correctly. It’s recommended that you do not use this feature on production servers. But you should enable this on development servers and enable the warning as well. If you do not enable the feature on development servers, you won’t be warned when it’s used and debugging errors caused by this can be difficult to track down.

What did you just say? Should this be on or not? Just… what?


The relevant manual entry

In other words, a cheap-o restaurant that peddled sugary juice drinks and salty dogs for three decades will be replaced by a shiny health food shop that sells pricey liquified kale and wheatgrass.


“Psychotics, say what you want about them, tend to make the first move.”

― David Foster Wallace

This is my polar vortex face.

Anyway, we’re fucked, start traffic-whoring. BUT SERIOUSLY FOLKS: Neetzan will be a loss, but one of the reasons, beyond his talent, that he’s been the guy pulling in the big numbers here is that he has been the guy tasked with pulling in the big numbers here. That strategy—traffic scapegoating—won’t change. We’ll find others to harness the power of Facebook algorithms and make sure we’re hitting the traffic sweetspots that we need to.
You have to learn how to survive in this world, and the world does not give a single shit about trying to teach you how to do so. Each player picks up the same set of skills, but they feel earned, not given. That’s a powerful thing to present to each player.