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I'm David. I live in Astoria. During the day I work at a startup. Other times I visit bookstores.
This blog is my curio collection, sort of. I'll have a place of my own for essays... someday.

Amazon rebooting everything for Xen vulnerability



by Kevin and @keiran_s. See XSA-108 (when available)

She left me the way people leave a hotel room. A hotel room is a place to be when you are doing something else. Of itself it is of no consequence to one’s major scheme. A hotel room is convenient. But its convenience is limited to the time you need it while you are in that particular town on that particular business; you hope it is comfortable, but prefer, rather, that it be anonymous. It is not, after all, where you live.
Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye (via sarahspy)

going to start reblogging more and using the queue functionality, just fyi.

In Dumbo today.

These have been appearing all over the city’s parks.

Ok, that’s pretty impressive.


CityMapper is a pretty cool app, you guys.