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I'm David. I live in Astoria. During the day I work at a startup. Other times I visit bookstores.
This blog is my curio collection, sort of. I'll have a place of my own for essays... someday.

The life cycle of a Toynbee Tile. This one was situated at the northwest corner of 56th and Lexington in midtown Manhattan, on the crosswalk, just outside of the standard flow of traffic. This style of tile is common in Midtown, with half-worn-away traces visible at several intersections: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

MOVIE `2001

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Pictures taken between late October 2013 and February 2014. Artist unknown.

I’ve got mixed feelings about this. It’s tasty, but at what cost?

Down Front Street I found the hard packed snow in the bus-tire tracks seemed to be a little easier, but I was weaving this way and that and wiped out a couple of times. The construction workers at the Two Trees site along Front gathered together to watch me making an ass out of myself. There was some more pointing and laughing. Suggestion: De Blasio administration could buy tiny little snow-trucks and plows and plow the bike lanes first. Bike appreciation should be made a collective bargaining issue in construction contracts.
There is just something about “I have lost the ability to can” that can’t be captured by “this is so great, it’s driving me crazy” or any variation thereof. Internet language does this all the time. Sometimes “AODEHwhddhwdwebw” is far more eloquent than saying “I’m so overtaken with emotion, I can barely type so I smashed the keyboard with my forehead.” The phrase “right in the feels” may, in fact, express more than “wow, [insert name of most popular BBC show of the day] made me so sad that I felt the pain as one would a physical blow.”


I just made a gif edit of this amazing Rekindle Candle by Benjamin Shine and thought I’d share the non-animated version as well. 

"The Rekindle Candle is a candlestick holder which collects the melting wax to form a new candle.  As the candle burns, melting wax drips from the candle and accumulates inside the transparent stem where a length of wick is centrally located.  Once full, the new molded candle can be removed from the central section to start the process again."

Any candle that drips enough wax to make this feasible is a shitty candle! That’s an art project, not a practical design.

I want to buy all these totebags
but I already have too many totebags



after montHs of Asking (or Pestering us, PrettY much) aBout thIs beautiful, fRuity creaTure, tHe Delicious star of our blog hAs finallY returned: the nanneRpuss Is baCK! so we mAde a hilariouS video for The spectacuLar evEnt. enjoY!

click here to watch it!

this is not fucking happening

Today in #brands

6 years!

This is the first time I’ve received one of these emails, actually.