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"Nab your Nook Tablet a day or two early, or planning to pick one up tomorrow perhaps? Here’s a neat trick: if you download an Android APK via the built-in web browser, you can actually install it to the slate without any special hacks. The xda-developers community discovered that when you try to open an APK, you can have the Nook redirect to a permissions page, and check the box labeled "Unknown sources" to enable sideloading. Then, it’s just a matter of finding additional APKs that play nice, whether they be custom launchers or even rival platforms like the Amazon Appstore — The Digital Reader confirms that even the Kindle app works as long as you find the right version of the software. Find a variety of instructions at our source links, and happy hunting!"

Awesome. Why bother locking it down anymore when there’s an obviously large percentage of your userbase just doing this anyway? (Unless it was an oversight, and they break it with a 1.4.1 hotpatch.)

Nook Tablet can sideload Android apps, no root required | The Verge

[Reminder: I work as a bookseller for BN. I do not speak for the company on any level.]

The result is that most analysis of the Android ecosystem (and by comparison, all mobile ecosystems) depends on classifying as Android devices those that compete with Google, and indeed, with Android. For the purpose of assessing value, growth and opportunity for third parties such reports fall short.

Roboto vs. Helvetica


Google announced the mouthful known as “Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich” today. The first bullet point of their presentation was a new system-wide font, Roboto. John Gruber quickly pointed out what had caught my eye as well: Roboto sure looks a lot like Helvetica, the typeface so famous they made a movie about it.

Notably, Helvetica was the default font of iOS until Apple switched to Helvetica Neue last year. Not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that, as Picasso allegedly said: “good artists copy, great artists steal”.

You be the judge: here’s an animation comparing the two.
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A whopping 89% of iPhone owners plan to stay loyal to Apple with their next smartphone purchase … Apple’s next closest competitor was HTC, but only 39% of HTC smartphone owners said they intended to purchase another phone from the Taiwan-based vendor.

This is what I mean when I say that Android isn’t a “sticky” operating system. Near as I can tell, people don’t invest in it by-and-large, failing to buy apps or otherwise “own” the ecosystem. I’ve long worried about the long term impact of this, and with these kinds of numbers I suddenly have new-found hope for WinPhone7 (especially with the Mango refresh just on the horizon)

This Asymco post backs up my anecdote that I hadn’t invested much in the ecosystem of android before switching to iPhone. Plus, graphs!

(The perils of possession without utilization)

We’ve dubbed it the Hellaphone—it was originally Hellphone, to keep with the Inferno theme, but then we realized we’re in Northern California and the change was obvious.

Inferno is now available for Android phones. It’s not pretty but it’s still pretty cool. (via sakurina)

I’m just amused that the two Android systems they used to test it out were the Nexus S and the Nook Color. Nook Color: It’s Not Just For Reading!


Asymco: “The perils of licensing to your competitors”

[Google announced today][1] that they were acquiring Motorola to “supercharge Android”. My initial reaction: *why would anyone want to license a platform by someone who is competing with them?* [1]: