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In SimCity 2000, selecting the “Ruminate” option in the information box for Library buildings would get you this special essay by Neil Gaiman.

Two immigrant communities melding in LA. (via URBANPHOTO: Cities / People / Place » Where Latinos Speak Korean)


“Aaby was imagined by H. Buchholz (Bienenbüttel, Germany). The city was planned in a concentrated and compact way. The structure—apart from the old town—is based upon a rectangular street grid that is broken in some points to give orientations to the citizens. There is a well‑developed shopping district (Esplanade) as well as a market district (Bazaar) in the downtown area and the cultural university district south‑west of the inner city. In the south‑east, a small-trade and artisan district has been developed along the harborfront. Metros (elevated outside the inner city), trams, funicular railways, suburban railways and ferries form a dense public transit network.”

Stadtkreation - Urban Geofiction

Looks like Dubai?