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An interesting argument defending iBook Author, with the important note that “it’s worth noting that the app’s name is iBooks Author, not eBooks Author.”

What we’re running into here is a disconnect between the ‘books’ part and the ‘e’ part of ebooks. When people think “books” they think of portability, universality, readability. When tech people think of ebooks, they think — “how can I make people buy ‘books’ from me, and how can I make publishers make all their books available from me, and, ideally, only me.” That’s the part that frustrates publishers, who ideally want to just sell “a book” to readers, and readers, who just want to buy “a book” and read it on whatever screen happens to be handy, no matter where they bought that screen or who made it.

I have a long-ish post brewing on this that’ll be posted this weekend. Look for it.