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The truth is that I actually felt bad for Kobo while writing this review — the company has consistently been the underdog in the e-reader race and it has always been overshadowed by larger competitors. But most of the time I felt badly for myself as I consistently waited for books to load, pages to turn, and the screen to register my taps. In the pre-Fire and Nook Tablet era, Kobo may have gotten by with a poor screen, underpowered processor, and sluggish software for $200, but the reality is that the other options out there provide an experience that’s incontrovertibly better for the exact same price. I think the answer is fairly obvious: the Vox isn’t a contender in this new cheap tablet race; it’s not even on the track.
3.9? That’s the lowest Verge score I’ve seen on the site so far.
Kobo Vox review | The Verge

Kobo might have played third fiddle to Amazon and Barnes & Noble in the e-reader space, but those strings will soon carry a different tune — the company just announced it’s being acquired by Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten for $315 million. Though Kobo’s stock was distributed a few different places (founding Canadian retailer Indigo had a majority, and defunct bookseller Borders famously had 11 percent), Rakuten has agreed to buy up the lot, giving the Japanese company a line of e-readers, tablets, ebook software and an estimated 5.6 million users to call its own. (via Kobo purchased by Rakuten, the of Japan | The Verge)

Completely and irreversibly out. Kobo, who had been running the backend from the start, are now the front-end brand on the Borders ebookstore.

Rats desert a sinking ship before the sailors know there’s a leak.

Well, it’s about time. Can’t help but think this’ll be overshadowed by BN’s announcement tomorrow and, you know, Borders’ ongoing bankrupcy.

Kobo eReader Touch Edition at Borders!

Does Borders have more clout than Amazon when it comes to negotiating with book publishers?

Was that supposed to be a joke? I believe the answer there is: “Uh, hell no.”

Borders’ E-Book Store: From Browsing Titles to Reading Books - PCWorld