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I'm David. I live in Astoria. During the day I work at a startup. Other times I visit bookstores.
This blog is my curio collection, sort of. I'll have a place of my own for essays... someday.

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Comics and chai.

That was a stupid post. I’m dumber for having written it, and you’re dumber for having read it. Deleted.


Is there anything quite as strange as air travel? Here is the ultimate proof of man’s conquering of nature: he and dozens of his fellow citizens are crammed into a long metal tube with funny-looking wings on the sides and flung across long distances at high speeds, looking down across the world like gods gazing down from Olympus.

It’s interesting that we use the metaphor of a quilt to describe what the world looks like from above, and yet don’t think about it (yet) the other way around: a quilt, spread out on the floor, looks like the world from an airplane’s window. A narrative inherited from when air travel was novel that we haven’t quite yet outgrown.

This is the emptiest flight I’ve ever been on. I have a row to myself, and there’s no one in the row ahead of me. We’re maybe a third full. Since we have enough snacks for a full trip, the attendants keep handing out more every half-hour or so, including the mythical packet of peanuts that everyone knows doesn’t exist anymore.

OK, now I think I’m happy with the theme.

Some small tweaks and modifications. Likes are over on the right now, and the description was shortened. I cleaned up my custom css modifications as well, based on what I actually know about css now, as opposed to my wild flailing before now.

A reminder: I also run this little sideblog. It’s about weird graphic artifacts and representations of data.

What's your job like?

My job covers pretty much anything that might fall under the header of “making Kindling customers’ usage easier, error-free, and productive, so that they get value from the software (and renew their contract in a year). This means I’m responsible for maintaining the documentation for the product, triageing incoming support emails, working with the developers to pin down bugs users report, calling customers to check in about their experience, keeping an eye on individual customer metrics for signs of trouble, and running the company book club. Our next book is To The End Of The Land, by David Grossman.

(By the way, feel free to un-anon! I like meeting people online.)

New York Comic Con, Saturday, Part 4: Odds, Ends, and Notes.

Wow! Saturday is so much more… more than Thursday was, for obvious reasons. So many more people, much more going on. Today I hooked up with my good friend Julie to wander around together all day. We got a chance to get over to the Artist Alley for a good long stretch, and stopped by two panels: the Kill Shakespeare live stage reading and the Brom/Richard Kadrey “Art of Fiction, Fantasy, and Fetish” panel. Most of the rest of them we wanted to go to filled up instantly, or we totally forgot when they were.

Cosplay: the most, by volume, were probably the Homestuck fans, although Adventure Time gave them a run for their money. (Both fandoms are relatively easy to dress up for, although Homestuck’s kids are probably the easiest.) Some great, lots of good, lots of average, very few Poor Life Decisions. Most popular superhero was probably, oddly enough, Deadpool.

I ran into Jason Scott at lunch, which was unexpected. I interned with him over Skype at the start of this year, which sort of petered out in the spring. Still, he remembered me, and we had a nice chat about his current projects. Very pleasant to meet in real life. Chatted with Aaron Diaz at the Benign Kingdom booth; oddly enough, Jason Scott was there as well.

At the end, the two of us were absolutely exhausted and overloaded. We retired to a little Italian restaurant I knew about a few blocks from Javits, where we talked about the day and then got into a long talk about her grad school writing and the difficulties of balancing the worldbuilding impulse with the need to tell a concise story for an audience.



All of the wonderful people, in one wonderful post.

Brooklyn Book Festival Bookends Opening Night Party

My friends are very bouncy.

Oh, hey, there’s the side of my head talking to Cole Stryker!

I had a great time at the party, even though I nearly passed out at the end. (Don’t drink beer on an empty stomach and then lock your knees for five hours, kids.)

I can pretty much encapsulate my first week in New York in three snippets of dialog:

I’m looking around, staring at the architecture, all the storefront, etc. old high school friend and his roommate share a knowing glance and leer at a girl’s ass. “Yeah, welcome to New York. Lots to… look at.”

"So, for my first few nights here I was staying at a YMCA."
“Oh? Which one?”
“Jamaica Avenue.”
“Wait, seriously? The homeless people and drug addicts I work with stay there!”
“Yeah, not the greatest part of town.”

"Listen, New York is the greatest city in the world, but you’re gonna put up with a lot of bullshit, know what I mean?"

First two apartments today did not go well. Third, much better. They also looked up this blog before I met them, which caught me off-guard for a moment (hello!).