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Relive the glorious TEDx at Summerisle.

Bask in the majesty of Buttlord GT. (The original host is offline; that’s an imgur backup I found a link to.)

When Collins first published the paradelle, it was with the footnote “The paradelle is one of the more demanding French fixed forms, first appearing in the langue d’oc love poetry of the eleventh century. It is a poem of four six-line stanzas in which the first and second lines, as well as the third and fourth lines of the first three stanzas, must be identical. The fifth and sixth lines, which traditionally resolve these stanzas, must use all the words from the preceding lines and only those words. Similarly, the final stanza must use every word from all the preceding stanzas and only these words.” Not all reviewers of Collins’ book recognized that the paradelle was a parody of formal poetry and of amateur poets who adhered to formalism at the expense of sense. Some reviews criticized “Paradelle for Susan” as an amateurish attempt at a difficult form without ever understanding that this was, indeed, the point.

"Diagram of Black Helicopter Life Cycle" via The TRUTH About Black Helicopters!

Kurisu-san suggested we study different types of penises in order to create figure out the relative shape and size people would draw. We spent a week doing that before we realized that we should have been looking at drawings of penises rather than real-life pictures. (laughs) We were very embarrassed about that.


This woman is giving you a thumbs up. IS THIS FEMINIST?

TRIGGER WARNING. The “thumbs up” is the most phallocentric gesture imaginable. You are literally telling someone that a good job is the equivalent of growing a penis. In this case, two penises.

Additionally, this kind of casual congratulation has been known to put the recipient in a good mood, which can lead to entire minutes of complacency about their own privilege. PROBLEMATIC.

Poe’s law: “Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody […] that someone won’t mistake for the real thing.”

It was morning. Sady Doyle, industrious yet sensual blogtrepreneur and owner of Tiger Beatdown Industries, gazed out upon the skyline of New York through her kitchen window. A cigarette dangled, sensually, from her lips as she took in the view. Each building was strong and erect, built on strong and unyielding rods of steel, and strong, impenetrable slabs of granite and glass, thrusting its way up, always up, like progress, and also like boners. She was very aroused.

Men built these buildings, Sady Doyle thought. With their strong, rough hands, and their willfull, domineering minds, they created these giant erections which pleasure me so much now. Men built every single one of these buildings, including that ugly high-rise that is currently blocking my view of the Chrysler Building. That ugly high-rise is the symbol of man’s refusal to submit to my womanly desires. I worship the strong and dominating men who erected that ugly high-rise. Man, I am so turned on.

Media Watchdog Spokesman Sought On Embezzlement Charges | The Onion

Oho! I was wondering how this story arc would end. (And yes, it is equlivalent to a narrative. An entire two issues of the satirical paper are telling one story here.)

A review of Billy Collins’ Horoscopes for the Dead

Horoscopes for the Dead is another 
in the somewhat long line of Billy Collins’ 
collections of poetry, and is of the same 
kind as the rest; that is to say, 

filled with his cold warmth, the distance 
that comes from believing oneself just a little 
smarter than everyone else in the room, a bit 
cleverer with words, deeper in feeling, 

and having a slightly more meaningful 
insight into living than his reader.

(originally posted on goodreads)

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