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I wonder if any of those were taken with his pair of Google Glass. (Wait, is that the right way to say that?)

The best criticism of Reddit is that it can, on occasion, victimize people. Yet drawing attention to jailbait photos, creepshots and other forms of victimization — low-level, constant misogyny included — does not compel Reddit to look within itself. Instead, according to the site’s most vocal proponents, it makes Reddit the victim.


Sundae Sessions: Cairo Knife Fight “The Violence Of Action” (by nzheraldtv)

Just posting stuff I think is interesting from the SXSW torrent.

Down There - SHAKE! SHAKE! SHAKE! - Bronze Radio Return (by bronzeradioreturn)

Is this what the cool kids call “chillwave” these days?

Boy Friend - Egyptian Wrinkle (by Chillwaving)

Botany - Waterparker (by tabone13)

Another find off the SXSW torrent.

Big Scary - Falling Away (Vacation - 2011) (by greanagainstblue)

First band from the SXSW torrent I want to dig deeper on: Acollective, from Tel Aviv. “Whiskey Eyes” is a fun mix of cabaret music and Beirut — the band, not the place, although I’m sure the place also influences their sound. Bandcamp: Onwards | Acollective

A list of interesting, amusing, and just plain stupid band and song names from the SXSW music torrent

(Part 1)

  • 3 Dudes & A Mullet - Changing My Life (True Peruvian)
  • 3rd Line Butterfly - Titicaca
    • The only English word is “Titicaca” shouted in the chorus.
  • aKa Frank - Racist (My Dick Ain’t)
  • Alexander & The Grapes - Seeds
  • Allah - Las Catamaran
    • Making his first appearance at SXSW…
  • Andy Suzuki & The Method - Her Ghost
  • Astronautalis - Dimitri Mendeleev
  • Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers - Beautiful
  • Ben von Wildenhaus - The Limping Axeman
  • Bez - That Stupid Song
  • Black Pig Liberation Front - comes from the bog cut throat.
  • Busdriver - No Blacks No Jews No Asians
    • In case you were wondering: it’s political hip-hop.
  • Camp Radio - The Girl Who Stole My Motorbike
    • The never-to-be-released fourth book from Steig Larsson.
  • Cassettes Won’t Listen - Perfect Day
  • CHLLNGR-Haven
  • Chris T-T - Elephant In The Room
  • Chrissy Murderbot - Jiggle
    • Yep.
  • Clyde and Clem’s Whiskey Business - People Suit
  • D.R.U.G.S. - LOVE/LUST F/M
  • Delhi 2 Dublin - Tommy
  • Down With Webster - Professional
    • Does this mean they’re fans of Webster, or hate him?
  • Erk Tha Jerk - Hen & Kush
  • Fake Problems - 5678
  • Fokn Bois - Thank God We’re Not A Nigerians
  • Fungi Girls - Velvet Days
  • Gary Lucas - This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse (Coffin Joe)
    • The parenthetical note really ties this one together.
  • Glambilly - I MUST BE THE DEVIL
  • Go Back To The Zoo - I’m The Night (See You Later)
    • Batman’s mellowing out, isn’t he?
  • Harriet - I Slept With All Your Mothers
  • He’s My Brother She’s My Sister - How’m I Gonna Get Back Home Tonight
  • Hess is More - What’s on the Second Floor
  • institutional Prostitution - GET FUCKED ON SCIENCE AND FUCK YOU!
    • [sic]
  • J Stalin - Rock Day
    • Also appearing at SXSW for the first time, Iron Joe!
  • Jerusalem & the Starbaskets - Chocolate Covered Everyberry
  • Kao=S - Ogre of the Cherry Tree (Sakura no Oni)
  • Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds - Bo Bo Boogaloo
  • League of Extraordinary G’z - Pressure
    • Alan Moore must be so proud.
  • Letting Up Despite Great Faults - Teenage Tide
  • Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real - Start to Go
  • Lushlife - She’s a Buddhist, I’m a Cubist (ft. Cities Aviv)
    • It was doomed from the start.
  • M.A.K.U SoundSystem - POW! Fire
    • Too soon! I’m still mourning LCD Soundsystem’s demise!
  • Margot and The Nuclear So-and-So’s - Prozac Rock
  • Michael Guy Bowman - Dawn of Man
    • Really, Bowman’s only here because he’s the dude who did a bunch of music for Homestuck. Cool.
  • Mr. Gnome - Ate The Sun
  • Mwahaha - Rainbow Diamond
    • How is that supposed to be pronounced, anyway?
    • I think there’s supposed to be an umlaut in there somewhere.
  • Na Palm (ft. Machine Gun Kelly) - She Like That (Dirty Dub Mix)
  • New Town Drunks - Double Sunglasses Sunday
  • NOKIES! - Oslo
  • Plains - Innovator
  • Planes-Vecindad
    • Boy, that homonym is going to drive people nuts.
  • Pond - Fantastic Explosion Of Time
  • Prizehog - Aykranoid
  • Random aka Mega Ran - AVALANCHE
    • Rap with a Final Fantasy 7 backing sample!
  • Ringo Deathstarr - Shadow
    • The classic.
  • Rubblebucket - Came Out of a Lady
    • Well I would hope so.
  • Sepalcure - Pencil Pimp
  • Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds - Make It Rain
  • sleepmakeswaves - (hello) cloud mountain
    • [sic] [sic] [sic]
  • Star and Dagger - In My Blood
  • Star and Micey - Grace Askew
    • But is it the same Star in both bands?
  • T Bird and the Breaks - Never Get Out of this Funk Alive
  • Team Me - With My Hands Covering Both of My Eyes I Am Too Scared to Have A Look at You Now
  • The Carper Family - Who R U Texting 2Nite?
    • Bluegrass, if you can believe it.
  • The Great Wilderness - Nicholas Cage
  • The Late Great Fitzcarraldos - My Temptation
  • The Record Summer - An Enormous Anger Grows in Brooklyn
    • Hipsters will soon apathetically take to the streets.
  • The Ropes - Lack Of Technology Made Me A Killer
    • The jury ain’t buying it.
  • The Suicide Bitches - Fall Like A Stone Breathing My Air Yeah!!!
    • !!!!!!
  • The Xcerts - Slackerpop
  • Twin Peaks + Boom Baptist - The Black Lodge
    • feat. The Log Lady
  • Uncle Bad Touch - Follow The Waves To The Coastline
  • You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown - Over the Sun, Under the Water
  • You Say France and I Whistle - When Lovers Die
  • YTCracker - #lulzsec (beat by deception)
    • getonIRCfagot