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We don’t monetize the things we create,” Android creator Andy Rubin once told me. “We monetize users.
And in that statement, the ethos of the Late Web was summarized. The Inside Story of the Moto X

I’m OK with this.


I never understood the appeal of Quora UNTIL NOW.

Quora-sourced modern literature?


I hadn’t even heard of Kachingle prior to this, but most of this could apply to Readability (which has resurfaced in the media this week) as well. It’s also worth reading the four tweets referenced in this post by Ben Brooks.

Reading about Readability: wow. At least flattr and Kachingle have the “unclaimed profit goes to charity” rhetorical shield. Readability doesn’t even bother to claim that; any website that a Readability user tries to give credit to that the Readability folks can’t contact just gets taken as pure profit. (At least, I can’t find any mention of what happens otherwise on the Publisher’s Legal Terms page.)

"Improving brand ROI by augmenting the reality layer with narrative layer dynamics on HTML5 platforms"

"Social broadcast layer licensed tie-ins synergising new gamelayer narrative revenue opportunities"

Wow, software patents are fucking broken.